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Is It Harmful To Plug The USB Into The Socket To Charge The Mobile Phone? - 翻译中...
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Is It Harmful To Plug The USB Into The Socket To Charge The Mobile Phone? - 翻译中...

Now the popularity of smart phones makes USB interface widely used. Many digital devices use a unified USB interface as the interface to connect chargers. In order to realize charging only with usb mobile phone cable, USB socket came into being. This function greatly facilitates the use of users. However, in the process of using USB socket, there is always a slight distrust. So will charging directly with its USB interface hurt the cell phone?

First of all, it should be divided into self-factors and external factors.

Self-factors: The long use of mobile phones will lead to the aging of internal electrodes, electrolyte decomposition and oxidation, damage to the diaphragm, resulting in the reduction of the rated capacity of mobile phone batteries.

External factors: 1. When charging and discharging rapidly, the current density is too high and the negative pole is seriously polarized; 2. The working temperature of the battery will affect the stability of the organic electrolyte.

Therefore, compared with the above two factors, it will cause losses, but not as serious as the rumors. In any case, the capacity of the battery will be reduced after a year or so. The difference is that the possibility of maintenance will be reduced by 5% and that of non-maintenance will be reduced by about 7%. After all, the aging of the internal components of the battery is unavoidable, and the subtle differences are within the scope of acceptance.

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