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Charging Wires Are Not Data Lines, And "Wires" Are The Culprits Of Bad Cell Phones - 翻译中...
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Charging Wires Are Not Data Lines, And "Wires" Are The Culprits Of Bad Cell Phones - 翻译中...

There are still some differences between charging lines and data lines.

The data line can act as a charging line, but the charging line is not necessarily a data line. (Prices are different, of course.)

Sometimes, we buy a data line at a low price and find that it can only charge and cannot transmit data. Why?

When you are viewing, the USB head is facing you, with the contacts facing up, from left to right, the corresponding functions of the contacts connecting wires are grounding wires (or should be called zero wires, black wires), reading data wires (signal outgoing wires, green wires), writing data wires (signal inbound wires, white wires), +5V wires (power supply positive poles, red wires).

Usually in order to save cost, usb phone charger cable removes two lines in the middle, the read and write data lines, so there is no data reading and writing ability, only charging.

Poor usb phone charger cable has many hidden dangers.

Many people always have a data line at home, in the company or in their bag. So the price is expensive for the original data line. Those inexpensive data lines are the best choice. Not only are they better designed than the original ones, but there are also many small designs that make it very convenient to use. They look good. In fact, these 10 yuan bad data lines on the roadside will greatly reduce the life of your cell phone. Sometimes when your cell phone breaks down, you will not know that the data line is the culprit.

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